Tools in Black & White

by YoPedro


A thought or two about why I created this series:


I started my photography career specializing in Black & White images, with a strong emphasis on portraiture and lifestyle for corporate, editorial and advertising clients. Jump forward to the digital era and Black and White photography is an entirely new discipline.


The simplicity of the images allows the viewer to focus on the object for what it is, a tool that has been a part of life. Some have been in use for decades, and some are retired relics from a time when such tools were still transitioning into their modern versions. Each tool in the series has its own story, many of which I can only guess at, or more accurately not even take a guess because they were acquired from garage sales or loaned to me.


So I present them here to you, largely un-storied, yet appreciated for their intrigue. Sometimes, a shovel is just a shovel.






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