S. Peter Lopez


A little bit about YoPedro:


First, let's clear up this bit about "YoPedro". It started when I was a kid. Way back then my favorite teacher started calling me "Yo, Pedro". It was about getting my attention, and was quite often followed by a flying blackboard eraser. Okay, that only happened a couple of times, but I was quick and even caught it a couple of times, and the nickname stuck. So all those years ago when I went into business for myself, that's what I chose to call myself and my business. People do call me Peter, but YoPedro still works for me.


As for my artwork, I like to shoot in series. It makes it easier to focus (pun!). There's a lot of stuff that I don't shoot, and it's because I'm not very good at those things. I won't mention what they are, but suffice to say that I am pretty comfortable shooting what I do. I kind of prefer working with inanimate objects, but mostly because they are so easy to work with. I can take my sweet time lighting a hammer, and it doesn't need any reassurance or praise about how beautiful it is, most of the time.






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